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Money Market Yields (%)

For the money market funds shown, the current yield is an annualized historical yield based on the 7-day period ended on the indicated date, and does not represent an actual one-year return. Yield information is updated every Friday.

Yields are net of management fees and expenses and are adjusted for any trading gains/losses in the funds.

Money Market Fund Current Yield*
PH&N Canadian Money Market Fund - D 1.30
PH&N Canadian Money Market Fund - F 1.39
PH&N $U.S. Money Market Fund - D 1.56
PH&N $U.S. Money Market Fund - F 1.69
RBC Canadian Money Market Fund - D 1.29
RBC Canadian Money Market Fund - F 1.34
RBC Canadian T-Bill Fund - D 1.32
RBC Canadian T-Bill Fund - F 1.39
RBC $U.S. Money Market Fund - D 1.70
RBC $U.S. Money Market Fund - F 1.80

*As of Dec 13, 2019

Fund Series Availability

Series F

Available to clients (as of January 10, 2017) who have a Fee-Based Account with us.

Series D

Available only to clients who started investing with us on or before January 9, 2017.