Socially Responsible Investing


Many Canadians are concerned about the behaviour of the companies they invest in and, in particular, the impact that corporations have on their communities and constituencies. Socially responsible investing (SRI) - the formal integration of social values into the traditional investment process - provide a way for individuals to act on their concerns. Canadian assets in SRI mandates now represent $1 out of every $5 of assets under management. Consequently, SRI funds have emerged as a viable investment approach for those Canadians who want to achieve competitive investment returns while ensuring that their money is managed in accordance with certain social and environmental values.

Originally, SRI mandates focused primarily on avoiding tobacco and alcohol stocks. Over time, our clients' concerns have broadened to include a wide range of social and environmental issues. Today, we offer our clients the choice of integrating SRI principles and standards into their portfolios through mutual funds.

Is socially responsible investing the right choice for you?

Socially responsible investing incorporates factors relating to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG factors) combined with traditional financial analysis. This enables investors to choose investments that are consistent with both their financial goals and personal values.

At PH&N Investment Services, we offer the PH&N Community Values Funds and RBC Jantzi Funds to meet the needs of investors who:

  • Believe that social responsibility should be a primary consideration in making investment decisions.
  • Want to invest in companies with attractive ESG practices, based on the screening process from Sustainalytics.
  • Want to benefit from the investment expertise of Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management (PH&N IM) and RBC Global Asset Management (RBC GAM), who are Canada’s leading investment managers.
  • Want to invest all, or a portion of, their portfolio in a socially responsible investment solution.

Investment approach – A blend of disciplines

The fund managers (PH&N IM and RBC GAM) have partnered with Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG screening to deliver our SRI offerings. The PH&N Community Values Funds and RBC Jantzi Funds combine the Sustainalytics screening process with their investment management approach.

Step 1: Socially responsible evaluation

Sustainalytics analyzes a broad universe of stocks and bonds, using more than 100 indicators for environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

Step 2: Screening for attractive ESG performers

Sustainalytics screens firms within each industry sector with respect to incorporating ESG policies. This SRI screening process removes companies with poor ESG practices relative to their industry peers.

Step 3: Financial analysis

The fund managers apply their multi-disciplined investment analysis to the best performers, focusing on above-average financial fundamentals while considering broader factors, such as economic trends, interest rates and the outlook for profits, valuations and stock prices.

Step 4: The mutual fund portfolio

The result is a suite of funds that integrates the Sustainalytics ESG screening process with the investment expertise of PH&N IM and RBC GAM to form the PH&N Community Values Funds and RBC Jantzi Funds.

A suite of funds for you to choose from:

  • PH&N Community Values Bond Fund
  • PH&N Community Values Balanced Fund
  • RBC Jantzi Balanced Fund
  • PH&N Community Values Canadian Equity Fund
  • RBC Jantzi Canadian Equity Fund
  • PH&N Community Values Global Equity Fund
  • RBC Jantzi Global Equity Fund

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