Investment Insights


At PH&N Investment Services, we regularly produce commentaries, articles and multimedia content to help keep our clients aware of what is happening in the capital markets. We focus on producing clear and comprehensive material to help our investors make educated investment decisions.


Our multimedia section contains audiocasts, videocasts and other multimedia material. Join our Chief Investment Officer, Chief Economist and fund managers, as they provides updates, current events, and summaries of the global economy and capital markets in a variety of multimedia formats.

Market Updates

Our market updates provide a clear and detailed commentary on the past quarter's capital market activity.


Our articles contain analysis and commentary on a variety of investment-related topics. We periodically produce research articles and reference materials on topics of interest to investors. As well, each quarter, we attempt to address investors' most frequently asked questions and provide straightforward advice to our clients through the articles that we produce in our Quarterly Reports.


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