Business Continuity Plan


PH&N Investment Services is committed to putting clients interests first at all times. Our Enterprise Business Continuity Management Policy and Program is designed to ensure that we are adequately prepared to continue to carry on our operation with minimal disruption of service to our clients.

We regularly assess the risks of our business processes, operational facilities and information systems. Based on these assessments, we develop continuity plans and emergency management protocols and procedures.

We have established an Incident Management Team, comprising senior PH&N Investment Services executives. These individuals work with the Enterprise Crisis Management Team to ensure continued service to our clients during any significant crisis/incident or major service disruption.

We conduct regular crisis simulations to test our readiness and timely response to a variety of emergency situations, including, but not limited to, a departmental or system disruption; building, city-wide or regional disruption; or a pandemic incident. These tests and exercises are designed to prove that:

  • We can successfully contact our employees at any time, to provide them with operational instructions in the event of an emergency;
  • Our staff can effectively operate from alternate physical site locations, can access our key application systems, and communicate with our clients; and
  • Our facilities, information systems and networks are resilient in their design and operation. 

Our backup computer centres and recovery work sites are geographically segregated from their corresponding primary locations. Our plans include the use of fully functioning contingency sites for servicing the business operationally in the event of a significant and prolonged operational disruption.

Evacuation exercises are conducted in all major facilities that house our personnel to confirm the effectiveness of staff health and safety arrangements in the event of an unplanned evacuation order.

We also ensure that our major external vendors and service providers have adequately designed and tested continuity plans.


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