Forms & Applications for RRSPs, RIFs, LRSPs, etc.


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Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) Account Application

- You must read and agree to this Client Account Agreement.

Your Account with PH&N Investment Services

A guide to defining your Investor Profile and constructing your portfolio
View this document | PDF | 1,061 Kb

Registered Investments Transfer Form

Download Form  | PDF (fillable) | 370 Kb

Beneficiary Designation For RSP Accounts

View this document | PDF | 192 Kb

Beneficiary Designation (with Contingent Beneficiaries)

For assigning contingent beneficiaries
View this document | PDF | 362 Kb

Retirement Income Fund (RIF) Account Application

- You must read and agree to this Client Account Agreement.

Please see our Retirement Income Fund Information Booklet.

RIF Annual minimum withdrawal requirements

Beneficiary Designation for RIF Accounts

View this document | PDF |100 Kb

For Beneficiary Designation with Contingent Beneficiaries, please click on the above link: Beneficiary Designation (with Contingent Beneficiaries)

RIF Payment Change Form

View this document | PDF | 181 Kb

Transfer to a LIF/LRIF

View this document | PDF | 278 Kb

Transfer to a Saskatchewan Prescribed RRIF

View this document | PDF | 111 Kb

Manitoba Locked-In Plans - LIRA or LIF
for Spouse or Common-Law Partner

View this document | PDF | 126 Kb


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