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Requesting transactions in your PH&N Investment Services account(s) while travelling or residing abroad

Securities regulations limit the transaction requests we may accept from Canadian clients when they are located outside of Canada.

Clients may redeem funds held within any of their accounts regardless of where they are located or reside.

U.S. securities laws prohibit PH&N Investment Services from accepting purchase or switch transaction requests in non-registered accounts from Canadian clients travelling or residing in the United States.

We can accept requests for purchase, switch and redemption transactions within registered accounts (such as RRSPs) from clients travelling or residing in the following U.S. states: 

U.S. States      
Alabama Illinois Missouri South Carolina
Alaska* Indiana Nevada South Dakota
Arizona* Kansas New Hampshire* Texas
Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Utah
California Louisiana New Mexico Vermont
Colorado Maryland North Carolina* Virginia*
Connecticut Massachusetts Ohio Washington
Florida Michigan Oklahoma West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oregon* Wisconsin
Idaho Mississippi Pennsylvania Wyoming

*Clients in these states may only deal with our designated agents.

For security reasons, PH&N Investment Services can accept permitted transaction requests that are submitted via fax, mail or telephone (provided investors are enrolled in our Telephone Transaction service), but not by e-mail.


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