Expand Your Yield Horizons with BlueBay Funds

BlueBay Asset Management (BlueBay) is a fixed income asset management firm that specializes in corporate, high yield and emerging market debt.  In addition to an already impressive list of industry awards, BlueBay was honoured at the 2012 UK Pensions Awards as Emerging Markets Manager of the Year – widely regarded as one of the European institutional industry’s most prestigious accolades. BlueBay won out over several prominent global competitors thanks to their outstanding product innovation, performance record and customer service. 

Leading institutional managers have placed their trust in BlueBay. Now you can too.

BlueBay provides you access to innovative global fixed income strategies that can help you:

  • Access non-traditional yield sources
  • Benefit from institutional expertise and risk management
  • Diversify through specialized strategies
  • Gain award-winning global expertise at low MERs

You can gain exposure to BlueBay’s expertise through three specialized offerings:

  • BlueBay Global Monthly Income Bond Fund
  • BlueBay Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund
  • BlueBay Global Convertible Bond Fund (Canada) - Corporate Class version available

To learn how you can diversify your yield sources with BlueBay Funds, call us at 1-800-661-6141 and talk to one of our Investment Funds Advisors. 

About BlueBay Asset Management

BlueBay Asset Management LLP is an award-winning institutional money manager based in London, England, with offices in Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S.  BlueBay’s investment expertise will afford access to unique investment opportunities not readily available to Canadian investors.  BlueBay has a dynamic research driven approach to the global credit markets with a strong emphasis on absolute returns and capital preservation.

The acquisition of BlueBay in December 2010 enables RBC Global Asset Management to offer a greater range of fixed income solutions to investors in Canada and around the globe.


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