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Your One-Fund Retirement Solution

Picture an investment solution that evolves as you age and get closer to retirement. PH&N LifeTime Funds do exactly this, providing you a simple investment solution that keeps your portfolio appropriately allocated throughout your career and into retirement.

Each PH&N LifeTime Fund holds certain amounts of equities and fixed income. We use a unique asset allocation feature to evolve this mix over time, with a greater equity weighting in the early years and a more conservative asset mix favouring fixed income investments as your retirement date approaches. The benefit? You have growth potential in the early years. Later, as your retirement date approaches, the Fund becomes more conservative. This shift helps protect assets which may have already grown, and helps the Fund support regular income withdrawals once you move into retirement.

PH&N LifeTime Funds help make investing for your retirement simple.

Why PH&N LifeTime Funds?

Simplicity and ease in retirement planning – The Funds provide a one-stop retirement investment solution that is professionally managed, easy to select and maintain, and simple to understand.

Risk management through effective diversification – Funds are diversified at all times across different asset classes, geographic regions, and equity investment strategies.

Emphasis on minimizing the effects of inflation – Inflation is a concern for retirement savers because it erodes the purchasing power of today’s dollar over time. PH&N LifeTime Funds aim to lessen the impact of inflation on your long-term savings by optimizing its fixed income holdings.

Automatic rebalancing – Funds are rebalanced on a quarterly basis, as well as whenever market performance causes the asset mix to drift significantly, bringing the fund back in line with its target asset mix and long-term objectives.

It’s easy to select the fund for you

PH&N LifeTime Funds are suitable for all types of investors, from those who are just starting to save for retirement to those who can see retirement date on the horizon.

Selecting the right fund is easy. Simply input the year you plan to retire in the table below and choose the Fund with the target date that most closely aligns with the year you want to retire.

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